The History of Banter #1.1 Catullus v. Lesbia or Catullus v. Women? Men? Himself?

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* Now I will openly admit that this is something of a onesided piece of banter as Catullus’ nymphomanic ex-lover Lesbia does not appear to have indulged in any (surviving) rhetorical¬†exercises. Indeed she may not have even existed! As I … Continue reading

A History of the Future – a new blog for the things that will become historically significant

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Hello! Again essays, essays, essays (and excuses, excuses, excuses) so another reblog…of an entire blog – and this one is INSPIRED! (literally) Started by Adrian Hon (a games producer, ¬†a story producer, a scientist, and an all round smart chappy … Continue reading

First Post!

Hello and welcome to what I hope will be my first (successful) attempt at a history blog! I originally had this on Tumblr but after 3 posts and months of inactivity I somewhat gave up on it but now that summer is approaching I am determined – and I MEAN determined – to get the ball rolling again and actually start writing things that aren’t demanded of me to pass my degree.

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