an ‘About’ page that is a little more professional…

Postgraduate student in Birmingham, UK

Currently working with the Coin Collection at The Barber Institute of Fine Art, both as a fortunate student and an even more fortunate volunteer, writing catalogue entries for their online coin database (100 times more interesting than it sounds as I’m sure I’ll expand upon in a post).

Also co-organising a conference for undergraduates and postgraduates to come together a discuss research on the Classical, Late Antique and Byzantine World – PG/UG Ancient History and Literature Conference 2012.

I have previous experience writing and editing history articles for the student-led history magazine New Histories (based in Sheffield, UK) and I am currently a peer reviewer for the online journal Rosetta (based in Birmingham, UK).

I have given talks at conferences including:

  • Manchester Ancient Worlds Conference – University of Manchester, UK, 1st-2nd March 2012 entitles

Paper entitled ‘Gendered Rule: Western Imperial Women and Gender Boundaries in Late Antiquity’

Paper entitled: ‘Gendering eleventh-century Byzantium: Michael Psellos, rhetoric and gender strategy in the Chronographia

My main research interests (past & present) are:

  • Seventh Century Byzantium
  • Gender Studies
  • Foucault
  • Numismatics
  • Psellos and the Chronographia
  • Late Antiquity and the City of Rome
  • Imperial women and Imperial presence
  • Early Christian Art
  • Latin Epigraphy

I am particularly committed to fostering an interdisciplinary attitude towards history in all my research

My Academia page can be found here


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