A History of the Future – a new blog for the things that will become historically significant

Hello! Again essays, essays, essays (and excuses, excuses, excuses) so another reblog…of an entire blog – and this one is INSPIRED! (literally)

Started by Adrian Hon (a games producer,  a story producer, a scientist, and an all round smart chappy by the sounds of it), this blog seeks to create a list of the 100 objects (many not yet invented) that future historians will look back on and cite as monumental artefacts in our historical journey.

In Adrian’s own words:

What are the 100 objects that future historians will use to sum up our century? Smart drugs that change the way we think? A fragment from terrorist bomb detonated in Shanghai? A wedding ring between a human and an AI? The world’s most expensive glass of water, returned from a private mission to an asteroid?

This website will explore what the future might hold for us, not just in technology and science, but also religion, advertising, wars, economics, and politics. Each object will tell its own story, of individuals and families, and of countries, continents, and entire worlds.


The blog was inspired by the BBC/British Museum produced ‘The History of the World in 100 Objects’, and as much as my blog is all about history that has already happened, I often wonder about what future historians will make of US. Adrian’s blog really does offer a wonderfully intelligent and insightful view. So I highly recommend you visit it!




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