First Post!

Hello and welcome to what I hope will be my first (successful) attempt at a history blog! I originally had this on Tumblr but after 3 posts and months of inactivity I somewhat gave up on it but now that summer is approaching I am determined – and I MEAN determined – to get the ball rolling again and actually start writing things that aren’t demanded of me to pass my degree.

To keep myself in line (and to hopefully peak your interests) I thought I’d lay down a few aims of this blog, content-wise and also for my writing.

Firstly, I envisage this blog playing host to a collection of different kinds of posts, ranging from informative posts on certain aspects of history I find interesting, peculiar, amusing etc., to comments on recent exhibitions I have attended (residing in Birmingham I am SURROUNDED by a plethora of wonderful institutions dedicated to history, art, music and science) or simply spotlighting an artefact I have fallen in love with.

Secondly, I am hoping that this blog will allow me to flex my muscles as a writer and improve on a skill set that really is invaluable in my area (I am an Graduate Student in Ancient History). I honestly think that you can never undervalue the importance of being able to write in a manner that others find engaging and the notion of history as a subject confined to dry, drift-off-into-abyss-with-boredom, monographs and textbooks needs to be exposed as the myth it is.

Lastly, if I spectacularly fail to accomplish anything that I set out to do, I at least hope that I write one post that someone, anyone (hopefully you, you magnificent, gorgeous beast) finds remotely interesting!

So without further ado, let’s stop putting off the actual writing of this blog and get on with it!



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